about us

Nestled in the heart of Honeysuckle, Newcastle, Blanca is more than just a restaurant; it’s a family-owned haven crafted by the dedication of Garry and Mel. With a commitment to fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere, Blanca is a space where people come together to connect, share laughter, enjoy delightful drinks, create enduring memories and have fun. 

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting coastlines of Greece, Sicily, and Turkey, Blanca invites guests on a culinary journey through the diverse and vibrant tastes of the Mediterranean. We have meticulously curated a menu that showcases the rich flavours of the region, promising a unique and memorable dining experience. Blanca’s mission is clear: with every mouthful, every sip and every moment they aim to transport guests to the far reaches of the world.

Located in the bustling Honeysuckle district alongside the stunning Newcastle Harbour, Blanca stands proudly next to its sister restaurant, The Kingfish Honeysuckle, and faces the lively Honeysuckle Hotel. This central location adds to the allure of Blanca, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a delightful escape into the world of Mediterranean flavours and a welcoming space to savour the joy of shared moments.

Mediterranean flavours with a modern twist and warm hospitality

A sunset with a cocktail in hand or revel into the night.

2/11 Honeysuckle Dr,
Newcastle NSW